Dick DeVos and Betsy DeVos has been in the news for their contributions to the political donations, but those are just the icebergs compared to the donations that they have made to the charitable institutions in the country and those outside of it. The DeVos family had donated about $1.33 billion through their lifetime out of their $5.2 billion estimated fortune. In 2015 alone, the couple had given $11.6 million to different charitable institutions as I could infer from their website.



The primary beneficiary of Dick DeVos donations was to educational causes. In 2015, their main contribution, about 26 percent of their total contribution, was to educational purposes. Also, they awarded about $375,000 to different groups that were supporting education reform something which Betsy DeVos significantly support. It is this contribution that showcases what their priority in life is and it is to improve the education system in the country. They think that the current system is not fulfilling the American student’s dream and it is through this little contribution they would like to support educational reforms and help achieve the necessary steps required for the American dream to be achieved.



After education, their top priority is Arts and Culture, and the couple donated about $2.4 million to the cause. They started the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the University of Maryland. The remaining part of their donations went to civic, community and other; leadership and development, public policy and others. The couple does not dictate the organizations they donate to on how to spend the money they contribute. It is only when they feel something will make a difference, do they advise them.



The couple includes their five children in the all the decisions that they make about donating the money. In my opinion, it was because of this, that they added the word ‘family’ to their foundation to show this approach. According to Dick DeVos, their children offer them a new perspective on the different places that the couple should donate to. Also, they also propose about the kind of donations that they should make and what will make a difference to the cause.



Dick DeVos has held a number of executive positions throughout his business career. From 1993 to 2002, he was the President of Amway and overlooked operations of the company in about 50 countries spreading across six continents. Before that, he served as the Vice-President of the company from 1984 till he was made the President in 1993 and was responsible for its operation in countries outside of North America. It was under his leadership that the company started its business in more international markets and tripled its sales. He was also the President and CEO of Orlando Magic for three years after its family acquired the company.


Nationwide Title Clearing Inc is distinguished for its efforts in availing property records online. Title defects are a primary issue in the real estate market with some associating it with wrongful foreclosure while others feeling that it contributes to the stagnation of what would be an easy straightforward transfer of assets in a secondary market. The National Title Clearing Inc staff has stated that property records are necessary for lowering the risks of inability to foreclose or buy back. NTC is involved with document processing and research for the financial and mortgage industry. The organization has taken several steps in making the acquisition of property reports easy. The company has launched a website that makes it possible to access property reports online.



How Title Defects Occur



Although title defects are common when an entity or person claims property belonging to another party, they could also arise due to factors such as:



  • Issues with the wording in documents that is not compliant with an area’s real estate standards
  • Failing to include a party’s signature where it is required for a transaction
  • Previous encumbrances and liens that are part of the title- title deeds should not have any encumbrances if they are to be easily marketed
  • Failing to adhere to filing and recording procedures during the recording of documents concerning real estate


Due to the reasons stated above, CEO of NTC, John Hillman, has stated that it is important for such title defects to be addressed before the transfer or sale of property. In a bid to improve the standards of the mortgage industry, NTC has availed the following reports through online ordering:



  • Tax Status Report
  • Services for Assignment Verification Reports
  • Tax Status (Plus) Report
  • Current Owner Report


NTC acquires data from different sources which includes human verification coupled with automation. This practice has made NTC able to successfully service the largest lenders in U.S.A. under strictly audited compliance standards. NTC staff says that the strategy has produced accurate results.



About NTC



NTC was established in 1991 as a private leading document processing and research provider in Palm Harbor (Florida). NTC deals with mortgage servicers, investors, and lender, including most of the top residential mortgage providers in the U.S.



Recently, the Nationwide Title Clearing announced that it will be opening another office in Dallas (Texas). The company will have a new data center, and a disaster recovery center for all infrastructure and data.

There are many benefits of studying Kabbalah that many people may not know. Remember that Kabbalah is the Science and by studying it you will understand yourself better and you will take advantage of these lessons of life. Also, it is no use considering something that cannot help you achieve anything in your life. Yes, many religions of today are not helping their follows in any way. Kabbalah is not like such faiths.

It is practical and gives the real lessons of the life of today, unlike many teachings that you just follow blindly without knowing what benefits you get from such teachings. There are already people across the world that have committed themselves to study Kabbalah and are experiencing great things in their lives. Do not live a life that is not fulfilling at all. All you should do is to make a decision and study Kabbalah, and you will get a lot of important events taking happening in your life. It is now and here, and you will not have to wait for long to study seeing the results of what you study.

Once you study Kabbalah Centre, you will be applying the lessons that you learn in your daily life. The teachings will be engraved in your head, and you will not forget what you have already learned from Kabbalah because it becomes infinite in your head. By studying Kabbalah, you will live a balanced life by balancing your thoughts and actions. It contains the instructions that will enable you to live this life and accept everything that happens in the course of life. It is a way of flowing or rather dancing with what is going on and the circumstances that surround your life.

It is true that everyone in the world has dreams to fulfill in lifetime. These goals may not be achievable unless you find a way of ensuring that you can achieve what you have always desired. Kabbalah will have a lot of improving all areas of your life such as your relationship with friends and family members. Learning the lessons will improve the way you make decisions and how you meditate on different issues. In short, you will live the life that you have always wanted and that you have always wished to live. It is because you will be enlightened.

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Topix also said that Brian Torchin is the face behind HCRC Staffing. He is the founder of the company and also practices as a chiropractor. When he was in college, Brian Torchin grew a passion for medicine and healing. It was when he was in school that he studied and earned his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. He went on to get another degree in chiropractics.

According to Lulu, Brian Torchin’s story in relation to HCRC Staffing is related to his interest in medicine. While he was working in the medical industry, he realized that there was a gap in staffing professionals in filling available jobs. He decided to form the company so as to provide resource to healthcare staffing agencies and professionals who were looking for jobs.

How Does HCRC Staffing Work?

If you are operating a medical practice, you may come across various hurdles in relation to staffing the right medical professionals. Conducting interviews and choosing the right staff can be overwhelming. The good news is that with a staffing agency like HCRC Staffing, you do not have to do all the hardwork.

HCRC Staffing is in the business of connecting quality medical staff to quality practice. If you are looking for professionals to form part of your team, all you have to do is talk to HCRC and give them what you are looking for. They will source the right person for the job.

What are the Benefits of Using HCRC Staffing Services?

The company, which is based in Philadelphia, has made it its mission to enhance your hiring experience. With their many years of experience in the industry, you can relax and let them handle the rest. They work in all the states in America and beyond. They connect professionals to jobs in Asia, Europe, Australia and even Canada. Learn more about more Brian Torchin: https://plus.google.com/106112186041036712086

Whether you are looking for a chiropractic job, a physical assistant job or a nursing opportunity, you can also get connected to the right employer through HCRC Staffing. Their services have been lauded by many and they have a good reputation in both the medical and staffing industries.

Avi Weisfogel is the President and Founder of the Dental Sleep Masters. This is a company that is dedicated towards the development o sleep apnea medical therapies for those diagnosed with the disease. As a matter of fact, the company has worked for over four years developing high-end solutions to the medical world in search of sleep apnea medical treatment. Since sleep apnea has no known cure, the therapies have been proven to relive the patients through the best ways possible. Therefore, you might have noticed that working or the company always makes you endeavor in success and capacity. Avi Weisfogel is a medical doctor with a vast experience and knowledge in the development of sleep apnea medical treatment. Or over 15 years of medical experience, he has developed more than 100 therapies for doctors with medical research.


The Dental Sleep Masters is a company that was founded to offer solutions in sleep apnea. For the many years, it has been in operation, it has worked to determine the many measures of capacity and endurance. For this reason, you might have noticed that they will always develop high-end capabilities through innovation and stability. Avi Weisfogel has worked in the company to issue the necessary knowledge to the medical world and interested health officials to administer these treatment therapies to those suffering from sleep apnea. The company has also done numerous researches that have assisted the medical community to establish the cause o the disease. According to their recent research, the company found out that the sleep apnea medical condition can be inherited. However, it will be made manifest in the life of the offspring upon ignition by a particular factor.


Some people are diagnosed with the disease when they are found suffering from a medical condition like diabetes and stroke. In several occasions, they are also diagnosed with this disease when they are suffering from heart attack. Therefore, you might want to be tested for the presence o the disease when these killer diseases are diagnosed in your body. In the recent past, the deaths caused by this disease have grown to become more than the previous muscles.

Please also visit: http://www.mtv.com/artists/avi-weisfogel/biography/

U.S. Money Reserve has announced a new updated website. The new site can be found at USMoneyReserve.com. The redesign features new photos, a friendly experience, intuitive functionality, as well as detailed product information. The U.S. Money Reserve is a leader in the sales of precious metals. This site also reflects the reserve’s value of customer service. Philip N Diehl is the current President of U.S. Money Reserve, and a photo of him is also included in the new site. The purpose of the new site is to both educate people on the benefits of owning precious metals and to enhance this experience.


Ryan Buchanan is the VP of Brand and Creative. He was a large part of the redesign. He was quoted as saying, ” We now have a fully-responsive tool that allows us to generate quality content across all platforms, further interact with our clients, and of course, offer the world’s best precious metals products through our secure online storefront.” This statement further shows that Ryan’s goals were to both educate and make buying precious medals easier for consumers.


As part of educating consumers, the new site offers customers a free gold information kit. They can also go to the Knowledge Center to get more information on precious metals, terms associated with coin minting, grading, and purchasing. The site also includes The Full Headline Room, which allows easy access to the latest updates on the precious metals market. The Client-Connect Advantage also allows U.S. Money Reserve to contact customers for one-on-one consultations. That is a huge advantage for clients wanting to make the most out of their knowledge.


U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001. Customer service is very important to U.S. Money Reserve. They go above and beyond to provide an excellent level of customer satisfaction. This new site is a good example of this. The site now allows access to more customers. The intuitive lay out provides increased potential to learn about investing in precious metals. This allows customers with experience to enjoy the site. It also allows new customers the best information possible to assist them while learning about precious metals.

Learn more:


Construcap maintains a vital presence in Brazil and in the Brazilian economy
By offering oversight and capacity to Brazil’s business world through providing expertise to mechanical and engineering projects, the entire infrastructure of Brazil benefits from Construcap’s presence and economic support on jusbrasil.com.

The Workings of Construcap in Modern Brazil
Construcap have spearheaded a natural gas field development project that promises employment as well as trade opportunities for the country for both the private sector and the public sector

How Construcap Functions in the Brazilian Economy
Construcap funds projects and enables them to happen. Modern Brazilian infrastructure depends heavily on the impetus for growth and innovation provided by Construcap.

Construcap Furthers the Effects of Growth and Involvement With the Brazilian Economy
Due to the position of Construcap within the economy of Brazil, they can fund projects on YouTube, promote projects not their own, and make it possible for new projects to begin. They can function as a catalyst for ongoing growth.

Conclusions About the Beneficial Impact of Construcap on the economy of Brazil:
Construcap has had a terrific effect on the Brazilian economy by planning and initiating new projects, funding further development of Brazil’s infrastructure, and generally lending support to Brazil’s construction industry.