Brian Bonar is a longtime innovator and IT guru who also possesses financial skills and investment knowledge. He’s spent years in the hardware and software development industries and has transformed some of these companies into full service staffing organizations.

Bonar is the Chairman of the Dalrada Financial Corporation based in San Diego and has founded several subsidiaries through this company. He’s also served on business advisory boards for many other corporations and always believes in finding a better way for businesses to operate in strategic partnerships, especially in professional employer organizations (PEOs).

PEOs are a model that Bonar’s companies have operated under, including his most recent acquisition at Trucept Inc. A client company can outsource their accounting, payroll and employee benefits to a PEO in order to focus on daily operations and business strategy.

A PEO can also serve as a talent recruiter and hire new employees for the client company, but the client company still reserves the right to manage employee tasks and can terminate the employee if they wish. Trucept has cut down on the amount of staff members needed in this capacity through using proprietary software and automated solutions to track employee activities and manage the payroll.

Brian received his business and IT training at two prominent schools in the UK. He got his bachelor’s degree at Strathclyde University in Glasgow and his MBA at Staffordshire University in Stoke-on-Trent. He began his business career at IBM UK as a consultant, and then became Procurement Manager of the tech giant’s motherboard sales division servicing enterprise clients throughout the globe.

Brian Bonar then became head of a team of software engineers at QMS, a quality management company serving different industries. After several years at QMS he joined Adaptec and Rastek, two companies that distributed printers and copiers to various corporate customers.

In 1994 he helped develop a SCSI printer for Bezier Systems. He also began one of his first PEO companies while at Imaging Technologies when he partnered their printer manufacturing and installation services with SourceOne Group.

Bonar founded the Dalrada Financial Corporation in 1999 and while serving there has also been on the boards of Allegiant Professional Services, The Amanda Company, AMS Outsourcing and The Solvis Group.

According to Crunchbase, Brian Bonar is also buying restaurants in the suburbs of San Diego on the side and transforming them into tourist favorites, including Bellamy’s in Escondido and Bandy Canyon Ranch not far from there.

He even chose Master Chef of France Patrick Ponsaty to manage both of these restaurants and has allowed him to hire top notch staff in the process. Brian also works with the Boys and Girls Club of San Diego in his spare time as well as enjoying boating and golfing.

Jason Hope life rotates around the State of Arizona, USA. Jason was born and brought up in Tempe City, Maricopa County. He did his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the Arizona State University. Since finishing his studies, Jason has involved himself in entrepreneurship, investments, and philanthropy across the state of Arizona. He currently resides in Scottsdale.

Jason, the Futurist

Guided by his passion for technology, Jason has undoubtedly earned his place among the technology gurus in and around Arizona. Consequently, he has taken advantage of his technological know-how to predict the future trends in the industry, something that has earned him the reputation as a futurist. Jason is currently one of the most sought after technology minds by entrepreneurs who wish to invest in technology in future.

The SENS Foundation

Going by his words, philanthropy has become a part of him. His attention was caught by the California-based SENS Foundation for their efforts and commitment in conducting an anti-aging research. The foundation aims at getting the right diagnosis for aging so that people will stop aging up quickly. Jason was impressed by this and in 2010; he pumped funds to the tune of $500 million to the foundation. He said that his contribution was mostly motivated by his desire to see people live a long and quality life. Commenting on the donation, CSO of SENS Foundation, Aubrey de Grey, said that it would go a long way in fighting arteriosclerosis.

The Internet Of Things

A new technological trend has been developed in the recent past where different electronic devices are now able to synchronize and even use the same network with each other, without necessarily being connected by a wire or a cable. This new technology is known as the Internet of Things. Jason is convinced that this new technology has the potential to modernize how businesses operate. He also feels that Internet of Things will be biggest technological innovation yet to be seen now and even in years to come.

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