Dr. Scott Rocklage is a man who probably needs no introduction when it comes to the medical field. As a managing partner of 5 AM Ventures, Scott boasts of 30 years and more of active involvement in the healthcare field.

5AM ventures is a Pharmaceutical company dedicated in creating value during the early stages of startup science based companies. The company was founded in 2002 and has offices in three locations including California, San Francisco and Waltham where Dr. scott is located. Dr. Scott joined the company as a venture partner in 2003 before assuming the managing partner position in 2004.

Prior to joining 5Am, Dr. Scott Rocklage held the CEO and Chairperson position at Cubist Pharmaceuticals and similar positions in Nycomed Salutar. Scott enjoys a rich educational background including degree in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley and a Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) under the guidance of seasoned Nobel peace Lorient 2005 Richard R. Schrock. Scott has invented and or co-invented more than 30 U.S patents and authored many medical publications.

Even as 5AM seeks to affect positively on the progress of upcoming life science startups, Dr. Scott’s excellent leadership skills will go a long way in aiding this transformation. With a team of well trained personnel in business operations, finance matters, legal issue and medical backgrounds, Scott drives his hands on approach when it comes to running the company and establishing short term investment opportunities and these actually works.

On the other side, Dr. Scott is a family man married to a lovely wife, Patty. With the help of his wife, Dr. Scott is actively involved in community development and one particular project that he prides in is the renovation of the MIT labs. Through their generous contributions the institutions has been able to renovate and upgrade their labs hence improving the quality of science training being offered and learn more about Scott.

A lot can be said about Dr. Scott, however it is his contribution to the huge discipline of medicine that does matter after all is done. Thanks to his contributions in academia and the commerce world, the health sector is a much safer place to be in and contact him.

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It doesn’t matter if the wedding was help in the middle of Central park, the team can coordinate so that the bride and groom can take pictures in a row boat, the wedding party can be shot ice skating, and the entire guest list can be captured waving goodbye to the happy couple as they escape New York in a horse-drawn carriage.

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InnovaCare Health Solutions, LLC is at the forefront in providing physician practices and Medicare plans. In addition, it is renowned for its affordable, sustainable, innovative and advanced solutions, which it extends to its customers. Its provider network is a popular plan that has served to suffice the interest of various people.

InnovaCare prides itself in its work with hospitals, employers, physicians and even patients to make the most of the services they offer. By offering the InnovaCare Medicare Advantage, this ensures that the health provider offers extensive benefits to its patients.

The company also operates the MMC Healthcare Inc and PMC Medicare Choice Inc. On the other hand, MMC Healthcare Inc has won two awards in particular the Dorland Case In Point Platinum Awards in 2012. MMC Healthcare has also been awarded official recognition for Quality Assurance by the National Committee. InnovaCare’s operations are extended even further in its involvement in the operation of Medical Service Organization, MSO of Puerto Rico Inc., which provides administrative services necessary for improving operations and consequently achieving financial success and top quality patient care.

Shinto’s History

Shinto career spans over 20 years in providing his expertise in clinical and operational healthcare. Prior to being part of InnovaCare, Rich Shinto worked at PMC Medicare Choice and MMM healthcare as the CEO. He has also served as COO and chief medical officer at Medical Pathways Management Company.

Penelope Kokkinide’s background

Similarly, Penelope Kokkinides has had a successful past career before he joined InnovaCare as the chief administrative officer. Before InnovaCare, Penelope Kokkinides served as the chief operating officer of Centerlight Health Systems. She has also had stints at Touchstone-Health HMO, Inc and Aveta, Inc. Visit Bloomberg.com for more info on Penelope Kokkinides.

According to Ideamensch interview involving Penelope Kokkinides, each day brings about new challenges to Penelope’s life, but she always finds ways of quelling his struggles. His day mostly includes travelling and using his Smartphone to keep tabs of what is happening at InnovaCare.

Penelope’s nugget of wisdom to entrepreneurs is to take time to analyse and understand how the market works before making a move. She strongly believes that this is the best way to always be prepared for uncertainties and challenges that may come along the way. Read more about Penelope on Bizjournals.com.

Securus Technologies is a company that is very well-known when it comes to the public safety sector. Securus Technologies is based in Dallas Texas, and they deal with public safety technology. Securus Technologies works for law enforcement and correctional agencies in North America. Securus Technologies also has used its technology to work in conjunction with over 1,000,200 inmates in the United States. Securus Technologies provides the following technologies for public safety workers and agencies: biometrics analysis, communication, information management, inmate self-service, and monitoring technology.


Recently. PRNewswire did an article about Securus Technologies and some of the accolades that they have received from their customers. Since Securus Technologies has been able to provide technology that has revolutionized many correctional facilities, many individuals that work in the criminal justice system have raved about how much Securus Technologies has improved their work environment. Many different letters were provided through email communications from many officials throughout the United States and beyond. These are individuals who have the task of preventing and solving crimes that happen in and outside of different correctional facilities. Securus Technologies has received much correspondence to thank them for how much their technology has improved the security and also the lives of inmate’s families and correctional facilities workers.


These days, it is basically required for a business to use social media in order to successfully market a product. Fortunately, there are tons of social media platforms that businesses can use. They just have to find one that is centered on their strengths for primary use. The other social media platforms can be used as well. Evolution of Smooth has looked to different social media platforms in order to market the products. Among the social media platforms that have been used are YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and plenty of other social media platforms. The way that social media has been used for EOS has proven to be very helpful.

EOS has also connected with plenty of people that have social media accounts. According to Fast Company, they have also enlisted the help of beauty bloggers and people with channels on YouTube that are related to the health and beauty category. They have asked them to try these products and review these products. This has worked very well for the company in that they have released and published in depth reviews that go into all of the advantages and ingredients on the lip balm from EOS. For one thing, people will buy products as they learn about them.

EOS has an effective plan for marketing. They reach out to people that they feel would be interested in the products they have to offer. The best part of their company is that they make sure that the products are safe and healthy for people to use. All of this care that is put into the products is one of the reasons that EOS is one of the most well respected new companies when it comes to beauty. Women are very happy to know about the benefits of the products. The EOS lip balm also has pleasurable aspects such as different flavors.

Product Link: http://www.racked.com/2014/10/31/7571165/eos-lip-balm

Mr Marc A. Sparks is a serial entrepreneur born in Texas. He graduated high school in Austin, Texas in 1975. Mr Marc Sparks began his career after finishing high school. His experience has been filled with both incredible successes and horrible losses.

Throughout his career, Mr Marc Sparks has been the leader of dozens of startup companies. In his 34 years of professional experience, Mr Sparks has amassed a treasure trove of wisdom about entrepreneurialism.

When Mr Marc Sparks was only a fourteen-year-old boy, he had an average grade of C+. However, today he is a serial entrepreneur with several companies that he has established. Mr Marc Sparks talks about how he has undergone no formal training to do what he does, but he has always had an instinct and a passion for building companies and growing them as much as possible.

He believes that God has put him in the right circumstances to allow him to blossom. Timber Creek Capital, LP is his private equity firm that was built utilising methods that many thought useless and ineffective.

According to Mr Marc Sparks, there are two things that have been a constant help for the growth of the company. One of those things is the combination of short- term goals and growth plans fo follow for the next year or two. The other helpful thing is that he does not schedule meetings and conferences when issues need to be taken care of. The time wasted on planning a meeting could be used for directly resolving the problem.

Mr Marc Sparks is also the author of a book. They Can’t Eat You is the title of a book that was particularly challenging for him write. The book covers a large part of the misfortunes that Mr Marc Sparks has gone through in his 34 years of entrepreneurship.

He states that it is a lot easier to talk about the good things; it is easy to paint oneself as a person that has from rags to riches and have people envy him for that. It takes a lot more to admit and talk about the losses, the failed startups, and about what it was like to lose a company worth millions in just three months.

Outside of the business scene of entrepreneurship, Mr Marc Sparks spend a lot of his dedication to helping the homeless. The Samaritan Inn is a shelter located in in Texas. Mr Sparks has been an integral help at the shelter since the eighties.

Habitat for Humanity is another organization he has been involved with by building homes for those in need. Mr Sparks has also made a large donation to kids that need to escape poverty through the foundation called “Sparky’s Kids“.

Betsy DeVos is the wife of Amway heir Richard DeVos and has a long history of activism in the Republican party and as an influential voice in school choice. Her husband, Dick DeVos is the son of Amway co-founder, Rich DeVoss. Amway was a small soap company in Michigan until the elder DeVoss and his partner Jay Van Andel turned it into a multi-million dollar company.

Betsy and her husband are also very active from a philanthropic standpoint, actively chairing and participating in different charitable interests and causes.

Betsy was recently named as Secretary of Education by President Donald Trump and was confirmed by Congress in that post. She has served in various posts for the Republican Party and various capacities in political posts on a local and national level.

Her work on school choice sent shivers down the spines of Democratic lawmakers who looked upon everything that was not in their sphere of thinking as bad. Betsy has long been an advocate of school choice, as many parents are sick and tired of getting non-answers from school officials on the local and state levels.

According to Betsy, there are three choices for students which are available. Of course, there are the public schools which do very well in middle class to wealthy areas and poorly in the inner cities and impoverished areas.

Then there are the Charter Schools which are usually run as “for profit” schools which also have a good track record, and are not normally found in the inner cities.

Then there is homeschooling which has a great track record. Students tend to do better at homeschooling because there is a minimum distraction element and more time can be spent with a home schooled child than having to deal with all of the distractions in a classroom.

Betsy DeVos is adamant about her and her husband’s desires to improve American Education for everybody, not just middle class or well-to-do people. She goes on to say that our education today is relegated by zip code and geographical location, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

The days of stacking students in rows of desks in a classroom where they listen to a lecture for 30 or 40 minutes is going by the wayside. We have so much technology available today that kids are eager to tackle and learn from, the old ways are becoming outdated very quickly.

Technology makes it possible for children to learn from anywhere, not from just one physical place. That is why having more choice in where learning takes place is tremendously attractive to many parents and students alike. Learning is not just for suburban kids either, because inner city students do just as well with the technology too. Read more news on Los Angeles Times.

Having to receive education in a specified “school building” is diminishing as a concept with both students and parents as more imaginative ways of learning are taking hold and being embraced.

Makeup can be powerful. It can make a statement and uplift someone’s spirit. It has also changed over time, trends have vanished, when others are just coming on the market. Then there’s makeup that is timeless. For one makeup enthusiast, she grew up with a love of it. This love turned into a passion and soon she decided to launch her own brand after she got tired of seeing the neutral and natural look. She wanted makeup that popped, colors that would scream out personality.


Doe Deere was born in Russia on June 15th 1981 in Izhevsk, Russia. She grew up there until she turned 17 and then moved to New York City in the US. She was there to pursue a music career. In 2008 she decided to switch gears and launch her own makeup line that would shake things up. Doe Deere named her makeup line “Lime Crime”. She came up with the name after she started a new account on eBay called “limecrime” for her new DIY fashion line. She modeled everything. Her signature colorful look bled into her makeup line, which became a hit. Lime Crime is also vegan and cruelty-free certified by PETA and The Leaping Bunny Program. Because of her love of animals, she donates regularly to Bide-A-Wee, a no-kill animal shelter in New York City where she lived before. She also leaves the door open so they can contact her in the future through social media for business advice. The self-proclaimed “unicorn queen” believes in trusting your gut with business and life. If you feel it is not right, then don’t do it. That is why she trusts her brand and none of her products go on the market without her trying them out herself. She has to feel that they product is a good fit. If it is not, then she won’t sell it. All of her products are sold online, with pictures as examples of what each product looks like on a person. This is why she has grown a loyal following and customer base. She listens to her fans.


She is a great leader and understand that treating people with respect is vital to being a successful business person. She think that ruling people with an iron fist is outdated and if you want for your employees follow you, you have to be a good example and use positive reinforcement. Doe Deere also likes to inspire young people, especially women, to follow their dreams of being an entrepreneur. She attends Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour and PHAMExpo where she can mentor aspiring female entrepreneurs.


Read more at https://ideamensch.com/doe-deere/.


If someone were to think of a real-life Don Draper, Jose Borghi is one man that comes to mind. Jose is a person who has made quite an impact on the world of advertising through his incredible amount of creativity that he puts in the campaigns he heads, coupled with his exceptional leadership skills. Jose currently serves as the CEO of Mullen Lowe, a Brazilian advertising agency which is known to produce some of the top and most memorable ads in the country. Jose ran Mullen Lowe with his business partner and trusted College, who merged their companies together. Jose initially used to run his advertising company called BorghiErh. The company was one which was started solely by Jose Borghi himself without the help of anyone else in the field. Jose built the company from the ground up and in the first few months of commencing the operations, landed huge clients.

In the past, before starting up his business, Jose worked with numerous top tier advertising companies, some of which are still known as the best in the world. He began his career in the field of advertising when he took on a job at Ogilvy and Mather, where he served as a copyeditor. This was Jose’s initial venture into the world of advertising, something that would help him in the years to come. He then went on to work at Leo Burnett where he quickly climbed the ranks and became the CEO of the Brazilian division of the agency. Because he had been employed with and impressed so many big clients through the course of working at these two companies, Jose was able to get his previous clients to transfer over to his business after its establishment and more information contact him.

Jose has won numerous awards for his creativity and all the ads that he has created through his career, including the prestigious Cannes Lion award for ad of the year in 2001.

More visit: http://runnersworld.com.br/687-jose-henrique-borghi/