Isotonix supplements deserve all of the rave reviews I have seen. I’m always skeptical to try new things but am so glad I did. I found the line of products through Market America and decided to try them because I really trust Market America Products as a company. They have never let me down. As far as the product goes, I have more energy, sleep better and some of my digestive issues have sorted out once and for all. I don’t think I will miss a day for as long as I live.

If you’ve been looking for a new shampoo or conditioner lately, you may want to try Wen. This brand was created by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean, and the products are made from plant extracts and essential oils that will improve the health of the hair without harsh artificial chemicals.

The Sephora popular Wen; has been reviewed by several potential customers, and Bustle’s Emily McClure recently tried the Fig conditioner from WEN hair for a full week. Here’s what she discovered.

On the first, day, Emily says that her hair was softer and even felt a little thicker. She noticed that her hair continued to feel more moisturized throughout the week; even on the day she didn’t have time to wash her hair. This was also the day that she styled her hair with the curling iron and her curls fell before the end of the day. This was largely due to the fact that the Fig conditioner added more moisture to her hair.

By the end of the experiment, Emily’s Twitter followers even noticed that her hair was shinier and healthier. Overall, she says that Wen Fig conditioner is great for women with thin hair, since the conditioner adds volume. McClure also states that this product will serve as a protectant for women who use heat on their hair every day.

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Being at the helm of a prominent firm for close to a decade is no mean feat. However, Rick Smith has made this remarkable achievement by being the CEO of Securus Technologies, a leading provider of inmate telecommunication infrastructure for over nine years. His success at the company is ascribed to a rich, in-depth knowledge of the communications industry that he possesses.

Rick is an alumnus of the State University of New York, Buffalo, from where he attained an undergraduate degree in Engineering. He later pursued a Master’s in Engineering from the same institution. Another noteworthy accomplishment in Smith’s outstanding academic portfolio is an MBA from the University of Rochester.

Rick Smith boats of adept knowledge of the tech-oriented telecommunications sector, having worked for several leading corporate institutions concerned with the industry. He was the chief executive at Eschelon Telecom hitherto joining Securus Technologies. Under his stewardship, Eschelon had unprecedented success, which improved the company’s fortunes by vast proportions. Also, Rick superintended a very prosperous initial public offering, an initiative that brought in more funds for the firm. In addition to an array of outstanding corporate institutions, Rick is a respected trustee who sits on boards of various prestigious enterprises.

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Future of Incarceration Areas

Securus under the exemplary leadership of Rick Smith is an institution on a mission to alleviate the conditions in state penitentiaries. The company aims to provide convicts with the best possible experience so that they do not feel that the contemporary society neglects them. Among the proposed measures to be taken to achieve this objective include;

  • Cheaper call rates for jailbirds
  • Increasing the number of products available to prisoners and making the use of such easier
  • Allowing the use of tablets and smartphones in prisons
  • Sanctioning the availability of communication throughout, whether day or night
  • Improved health services and healthcare facilities and
  • Indiscrimination in job opportunities where prisoners are involved, among many others.

Speaking on the matter, Rick Smith said it was their duty to introduce the evolutions that have taken place in telecommunications sector over the last decade to prisons. He added that the implementation of technology will not only improve the state of lives of convicts but will also play a fundamental role in averting and solving crimes. Rick visualizes a future where once an inmate reports to a prison, they are issued with a device that will incorporate books, phone, a legal resource and much more in one package. This would ease their lives considerably, as everything they need, will be on their hands.

Smith further explained that once prisoners have their gadgets, they can access resources that can get them bailed out promptly. He concluded by saying that the devices are already in place, waiting for approval by relevant authorities to commence work. Follow Rick’s profile at

Doug Levitt has curved a lifestyle for himself, which involves traversing the country by using the Grey Hound buses. What may have started as a project ended up being a way of life and an avenue for great lessons. This journey has brought him close to some of the people he would never have met including Neo-Nazis. Doug Levitt’s perceptions of such Americans has changed significantly, as he has had to identify with their experiences after listening to their stories. Sometimes, such individuals are misjudged just because of their appearance while there attitude and behaviors are appropriate and read full article.

At one time he was sitting next to a neo-Nazi with a Hitler tattoo in his hand. Although at first he was afraid of him, surprisingly, the neo-Nazi offered a tuna sandwich. He even went ahead to offer to take the floor so that Doug could sleep on the seat. They shared a seat for over twenty hours within which Levitt got to learn a lot about the life of ex-convicts, especially when in prison. Even though he is not privileged to meet Neo-Nazis every day, the few times he comes across such individuals is usually undeniably good. It is always a sneak preview into the life of the underbelly of the American society and learn more about Doug.

Travelling in the Greyhound bus started as a necessity and lack of their means of transport for his at art- part book project but quickly became a lifestyle even when things looked up. Bus travelling has been exciting as he has come to meet many ex-offenders since most facilities offer bus passes to the places that the ex-convicts were first convicted.

Levitt got interested in traveling during his work as a correspondent for the CNN back in 2004. He was part of Jon Kerry’s campaign that moved across the states from one undecided town to another. It is what he saw during this travels that fascinated him and forced him to start this exploration leaving a well-paying media job for nothing. He has already covered 120000 miles, which he explains in his project, Grey Hound Diaries and Doug’s lacrosse camp.

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Wessex Technology has been around since 1989. Their business is in the United States, as well as other countries outside of the United States. There are many careers through Wessex dealing with finances,image processing, coding and scanning to name a few. Individuals are preferred to be highly energetic and devoted to the company. Experience and knowledge Wessex looks for would be area in Smartphone devices, SQL,visual studio among other areas.Wessex looks for individuals who are searching for careers in Software Engineering, Health and Safety Adviser, Service Administration, Group IT Manager, Quality Manager and Senior Service Supervisor.

Wessex offers an array of opportunities. Their careers are high energy and exciting. It will always be an adventure. There are many choices to choose from in location.

For people who are looking to understand French wine, the best way to go about it is to go through the UKV PLC’s French wine guide. The guide by UKV PLC helps the wine lovers know more about how to understand what is mentioned on the label of French wine, and from where it belongs.

Most of the wines from different parts of the world indicate the type of grapes used for wine production, but French wines show the region of origin. It is because the French concept of Terroir believes that apart from the grape type, there are other factors like soil quality, climate, local traditions of winemaking, fermentation procedure, geography, and other topographical conditions, which affects the quality and taste of the wine.

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Thus, the UKV PLC’s guide to understanding French wine says that one must get familiar with the French Appellation System to know about the classification of the region of origin. It would help with understanding which French wine belongs from which region and how it would taste, and so on.

The UKV PLC is one of the most noted online wine retailers in the United Kingdom and has a vast collection of regular as well as investment grade collectible wines. The UKV PLC has advanced wine storage facility for its huge inventory, and as an independent wine retailer, it does not depend on a single supply chain and sources wines from across the globe. UKV PLC also has some of the most experienced wine consultants to help you choose the best wine as per your taste, preferences, and budget.


A new service has been made available for New York residents in need of legal services. The New York Bar Association (NYBA) has launched a new referral system that can be accessed online at The Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) was previously available only by telephone. The service will screen the applicant’s information and matches them with the best possible attorney. The service is available around the clock, which is another improvement over the telephone service. Should clients wish to connect with the selected attorney, they pay a small consultation fee of $35 for half an hour. Some legal issues are exempted from this fee; however, this is typically only cases that an attorney would accept on a contingency basis.


One of the attorneys to receive special attention is Jeremy Goldstein. He’s a partner of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, which handles corporate legal issues such as executive pay, negotiations, and mergers. He’s been involved in some of the largest business acquisitions in recent history and has experience in dealings with huge corporations such as banks, oil companies, and retail giants. Mr. Goldstein also has ties to charitable organizations by serving in leadership positions with organizations such as the Make a Wish Foundation. Jeremy Goldstein has also written articles for Harvard University and the NYU Jornal of Law, sharing his wealth of knowledge in corporate law and governance issues.


Jeremy Goldstein was previously a partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz before starting his own firm. Holding both an MBA and a Law Degree from New York University adds to his impressive resume. He also has an undergraduate degree from Cornell University. Being a recognized scholar and attorney as well as contributing to the business and legal communities shows his dedication to his profession. His dedication to helping others through charitable contributions and leadership set him apart from the crowd as a distinguished professional.


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