Betsy DeVos Leads the Way in School Choice

Betsy DeVos is the wife of Amway heir Richard DeVos and has a long history of activism in the Republican party and as an influential voice in school choice. Her husband, Dick DeVos is the son of Amway co-founder, Rich DeVoss. Amway was a small soap company in Michigan until the elder DeVoss and his partner Jay Van Andel turned it into a multi-million dollar company.

Betsy and her husband are also very active from a philanthropic standpoint, actively chairing and participating in different charitable interests and causes.

Betsy was recently named as Secretary of Education by President Donald Trump and was confirmed by Congress in that post. She has served in various posts for the Republican Party and various capacities in political posts on a local and national level.

Her work on school choice sent shivers down the spines of Democratic lawmakers who looked upon everything that was not in their sphere of thinking as bad. Betsy has long been an advocate of school choice, as many parents are sick and tired of getting non-answers from school officials on the local and state levels.

According to Betsy, there are three choices for students which are available. Of course, there are the public schools which do very well in middle class to wealthy areas and poorly in the inner cities and impoverished areas.

Then there are the Charter Schools which are usually run as “for profit” schools which also have a good track record, and are not normally found in the inner cities.

Then there is homeschooling which has a great track record. Students tend to do better at homeschooling because there is a minimum distraction element and more time can be spent with a home schooled child than having to deal with all of the distractions in a classroom.

Betsy DeVos is adamant about her and her husband’s desires to improve American Education for everybody, not just middle class or well-to-do people. She goes on to say that our education today is relegated by zip code and geographical location, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

The days of stacking students in rows of desks in a classroom where they listen to a lecture for 30 or 40 minutes is going by the wayside. We have so much technology available today that kids are eager to tackle and learn from, the old ways are becoming outdated very quickly.

Technology makes it possible for children to learn from anywhere, not from just one physical place. That is why having more choice in where learning takes place is tremendously attractive to many parents and students alike. Learning is not just for suburban kids either, because inner city students do just as well with the technology too. Read more news on Los Angeles Times.

Having to receive education in a specified “school building” is diminishing as a concept with both students and parents as more imaginative ways of learning are taking hold and being embraced.