Jose Henrique Borghi is the face behind the popular Open Smile campaign by Fini. Fini hopes to turn a bad mood into a good one with every product their consumers buy. And Jose Henrique is making this vision a living reality.Jose Borghi is the CEO of the Brazilian Ad Agency, Mullen Lowe. A career in Brazilian advertising was not something Jose pictured as a child. Jose Henrique discovered his passion in advertising at theater exhibition hosted by Cannes. The exhibition was a competition between Ad creators, all hoping to win the Cannes Award. Little did he know he was going to win the Cannes award himself years later.

After launching Mullen Lowe Brasil, Jose dived head first into his passion. One of his successful advertising campaigns is Mammals of Parmalat. Jose Henrique Borghi dressed children in animal costumes. He filmed them singing along to great Brazilian Country hits like ‘It is the Love’ by Luciano and Zeze di Camargo. This campaign remains one of his iconic works in Brazilian advertising.Jose Borghi creates ad campaigns that leaves an impact and urges the consumer to take action. It is because of this unique quality that Fini took him on board for their new Open Smile campaign. Fini is the largest condiment manufacturer in Brazil. They have candy stores in 80 countries.

Fini is taking a new direction by promoting a smile in every pack of candy they sell. The Open Smile campaign is both an online and offline campaign. Jose Enrique is in charge of the offline campaign. He currently has over 7 ad films airing in Paid TV and movie theaters.Jose’s Open Smile films put people in everyday situation. It could be a good or bad moment that deserves a Fini candy. Fini condiments will turn a bad mood into a good one, and a good one to a better one. This is the theme of Jose Enrique’s offline campaigns, and it is definitely working. If you want to read full article : Click here.

Doug Levitt has curved a lifestyle for himself, which involves traversing the country by using the Grey Hound buses. What may have started as a project ended up being a way of life and an avenue for great lessons. This journey has brought him close to some of the people he would never have met including Neo-Nazis. Doug Levitt’s perceptions of such Americans has changed significantly, as he has had to identify with their experiences after listening to their stories. Sometimes, such individuals are misjudged just because of their appearance while there attitude and behaviors are appropriate and read full article.

At one time he was sitting next to a neo-Nazi with a Hitler tattoo in his hand. Although at first he was afraid of him, surprisingly, the neo-Nazi offered a tuna sandwich. He even went ahead to offer to take the floor so that Doug could sleep on the seat. They shared a seat for over twenty hours within which Levitt got to learn a lot about the life of ex-convicts, especially when in prison. Even though he is not privileged to meet Neo-Nazis every day, the few times he comes across such individuals is usually undeniably good. It is always a sneak preview into the life of the underbelly of the American society and learn more about Doug.

Travelling in the Greyhound bus started as a necessity and lack of their means of transport for his at art- part book project but quickly became a lifestyle even when things looked up. Bus travelling has been exciting as he has come to meet many ex-offenders since most facilities offer bus passes to the places that the ex-convicts were first convicted.

Levitt got interested in traveling during his work as a correspondent for the CNN back in 2004. He was part of Jon Kerry’s campaign that moved across the states from one undecided town to another. It is what he saw during this travels that fascinated him and forced him to start this exploration leaving a well-paying media job for nothing. He has already covered 120000 miles, which he explains in his project, Grey Hound Diaries and Doug’s lacrosse camp.

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