Richard Blair is a registered investment advisor with over 20years of experience in the financial investment sector. He is highly qualified with a degree in Bachelor of Finance from Houston University and licensed by other bodies such as CAS, RICP, CFS, and CES. His passion for improving the lives of other people drove him to establish his independent firm, Wealth Solutions, in 1994.

Wealth Solutions is a company that offers comprehensive and personalized financial advice to various people including individuals and small businesses. Mr. Blair acknowledged that people of Austin, Texas required a specific financial plan to be able to achieve their set goals. Recognizing this need, he decided to help them out in the best way he could.

Due to the constantly changing nature of the financial markets, Wealth Solutions came up with a three pillar strategy approach to help in find optimal solutions. In pillar one, the client is assisted in setting up a financial road map to follow.

In pillar two, one comes up with a long-term investment plan that is client specific. The research determines the best solutions available for a customer. The program ensures the customer reaps maximum benefits from the changing financial market by reorganizing resources. After coming up with a definite action plan tailored to the client, Wealth Solutions then seeks to manage their long term and annual insurance needs.

The primary goal of Wealth Solutions is to impact the lives of people positively by enabling them to become financially stable. By educating them and offering possible solutions to their problems, it helps others achieve their financial goals. Mr. Blair’s passion for changing other people’s lives comes from his family’s love for teaching.

He learned how it increases knowledge and confidence from his mother and grandmother who were all teachers. It is this motivation that steered him to start Wealth Solutions to help people around Austin, Texas. Over time, Mr. Richard Blair Wealth Solutions has gained considerable experience in wealth creation that he continues to use daily in managing his firm. Mr. Blair impacts thousands of people with his talent and skills and continues to do so for the greater good of everyone.