The technologies encompassed in the Internet of Things promise to radically transform the way in which people live their lives and businesses run their companies. With the advent of widely accessible big data techniques, things that were previously dumb will be made smart. Levels of optimization that were never before possible will become a reality for millions. This is predicted by many to be the greatest driver of improvement for the daily lives of people since the Industrial Revolution.Jason Hope is one of Arizona’s most famous internet entrepreneurs. After having founded Jawa, one of the country’s first premium mobile streaming companies, Hope went on to create a string of highly successful startups, proving his business abilities and his uncanny talent for delivering exactly what the market needs.

Recently, Jason Hope has taken to the internet to tout the many benefits of the coming technologies that are broadly referred to as the Internet of Things. Hope believes the Internet of Things will not just radically transform the daily existences of most American citizens, but that it will also usher in one of the golden eras for entrepreneurialism. Hope believes that the number of opportunities for enterprising individuals to create real value in the marketplace will soon be greater than at any time in recent history and perhaps in the whole of history.

Hope sees vast opportunities being created in areas such as self-driving cars, automated delivery systems and even the wiring of previously dumb devices, making them smart, self-aware and largely autonomous. Just one example of this that Hope gives is the vast efficiencies that will be possible through the use of centrally controlled, intelligent heating and cooling systems. Hope believes that such systems will be able to save homeowners up to 50 percent off their current heating and cooling costs. This may create dramatic savings for those who own homes, in one of the areas that people tend to spend the most money.Hope also sees real opportunities for creation of value, invention and entrepreneurship in the area of automation. Hope believes that, within the next 50 years, almost all current menial jobs will be completely automated.

What does it take to be a millionaire? What does it take to become a tycoon? What do I have to do now to be successful when I grow older? Everyone asks questions such as these at one time or another. The greatest advice I ever heard was said by Brian Tracy. Brian Tracy said, “If you want to be successful look at people who are already successful and then do what they do.” Keeping this principle in mind I would tell anyone, “If you want to be successful look at what Anthony Petrello did and then go and do the same.”


Anthony Petrello is a very educated man who had a promising career in Mathematics but he didn’t let that get in his way of achieving his dream of becoming a business man. Anthony was so brilliant in mathematics that he could write out archaic theorems on greasy napkins and coffee cups. He was a mentee of world renowned mathematician Serge Lang who said Tony would do ground breaking work in their field. However Tony did not want that for his life and more information click here.


He pursued his dream to becoming a business man by getting a justice degree from Harvard University. He would use that degree as a stepping stone to get a job at Baker and McKenzie, a well-known corporate law firm. From there he would go on to work at Nabors Industries where he would rise the through the ranks and become the President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board for the entire company. The synergy of these jobs nets him over $15 million a year in compensation. Try making that as a Math professor and Tony’s lacrosse camp.


Tony would then go on to sit on the Boards of several organizations. After a sizable donation, Petrello gained a seat on Director of Texas Children’s Hospital, Inc and also as Director of


All of these things happened to Tony because he was not afraid to go out there and achieve his dream. Was quitting school scary? Maybe. However, by following his dream he became all he wanted to be and learn more about Tony.


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Doug Levitt has curved a lifestyle for himself, which involves traversing the country by using the Grey Hound buses. What may have started as a project ended up being a way of life and an avenue for great lessons. This journey has brought him close to some of the people he would never have met including Neo-Nazis. Doug Levitt’s perceptions of such Americans has changed significantly, as he has had to identify with their experiences after listening to their stories. Sometimes, such individuals are misjudged just because of their appearance while there attitude and behaviors are appropriate and read full article.

At one time he was sitting next to a neo-Nazi with a Hitler tattoo in his hand. Although at first he was afraid of him, surprisingly, the neo-Nazi offered a tuna sandwich. He even went ahead to offer to take the floor so that Doug could sleep on the seat. They shared a seat for over twenty hours within which Levitt got to learn a lot about the life of ex-convicts, especially when in prison. Even though he is not privileged to meet Neo-Nazis every day, the few times he comes across such individuals is usually undeniably good. It is always a sneak preview into the life of the underbelly of the American society and learn more about Doug.

Travelling in the Greyhound bus started as a necessity and lack of their means of transport for his at art- part book project but quickly became a lifestyle even when things looked up. Bus travelling has been exciting as he has come to meet many ex-offenders since most facilities offer bus passes to the places that the ex-convicts were first convicted.

Levitt got interested in traveling during his work as a correspondent for the CNN back in 2004. He was part of Jon Kerry’s campaign that moved across the states from one undecided town to another. It is what he saw during this travels that fascinated him and forced him to start this exploration leaving a well-paying media job for nothing. He has already covered 120000 miles, which he explains in his project, Grey Hound Diaries and Doug’s lacrosse camp.

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