What does it take to be a millionaire? What does it take to become a tycoon? What do I have to do now to be successful when I grow older? Everyone asks questions such as these at one time or another. The greatest advice I ever heard was said by Brian Tracy. Brian Tracy said, “If you want to be successful look at people who are already successful and then do what they do.” Keeping this principle in mind I would tell anyone, “If you want to be successful look at what Anthony Petrello did and then go and do the same.”


Anthony Petrello is a very educated man who had a promising career in Mathematics but he didn’t let that get in his way of achieving his dream of becoming a business man. Anthony was so brilliant in mathematics that he could write out archaic theorems on greasy napkins and coffee cups. He was a mentee of world renowned mathematician Serge Lang who said Tony would do ground breaking work in their field. However Tony did not want that for his life and more information click here.


He pursued his dream to becoming a business man by getting a justice degree from Harvard University. He would use that degree as a stepping stone to get a job at Baker and McKenzie, a well-known corporate law firm. From there he would go on to work at Nabors Industries where he would rise the through the ranks and become the President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board for the entire company. The synergy of these jobs nets him over $15 million a year in compensation. Try making that as a Math professor and Tony’s lacrosse camp.


Tony would then go on to sit on the Boards of several organizations. After a sizable donation, Petrello gained a seat on Director of Texas Children’s Hospital, Inc and also as Director of MediaOnDemand.com.


All of these things happened to Tony because he was not afraid to go out there and achieve his dream. Was quitting school scary? Maybe. However, by following his dream he became all he wanted to be and learn more about Tony.


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Wessex Technology has been around since 1989. Their business is in the United States, as well as other countries outside of the United States. There are many careers through Wessex dealing with finances,image processing, coding and scanning to name a few. Individuals are preferred to be highly energetic and devoted to the company. Experience and knowledge Wessex looks for would be area in Smartphone devices, SQL,visual studio among other areas.Wessex looks for individuals who are searching for careers in Software Engineering, Health and Safety Adviser, Service Administration, Group IT Manager, Quality Manager and Senior Service Supervisor.

Wessex offers an array of opportunities. Their careers are high energy and exciting. It will always be an adventure. There are many choices to choose from in location.

If someone were to think of a real-life Don Draper, Jose Borghi is one man that comes to mind. Jose is a person who has made quite an impact on the world of advertising through his incredible amount of creativity that he puts in the campaigns he heads, coupled with his exceptional leadership skills. Jose currently serves as the CEO of Mullen Lowe, a Brazilian advertising agency which is known to produce some of the top and most memorable ads in the country. Jose ran Mullen Lowe with his business partner and trusted College, who merged their companies together. Jose initially used to run his advertising company called BorghiErh. The company was one which was started solely by Jose Borghi himself without the help of anyone else in the field. Jose built the company from the ground up and in the first few months of commencing the operations, landed huge clients.

In the past, before starting up his business, Jose worked with numerous top tier advertising companies, some of which are still known as the best in the world. He began his career in the field of advertising when he took on a job at Ogilvy and Mather, where he served as a copyeditor. This was Jose’s initial venture into the world of advertising, something that would help him in the years to come. He then went on to work at Leo Burnett where he quickly climbed the ranks and became the CEO of the Brazilian division of the agency. Because he had been employed with and impressed so many big clients through the course of working at these two companies, Jose was able to get his previous clients to transfer over to his business after its establishment and more information contact him.

Jose has won numerous awards for his creativity and all the ads that he has created through his career, including the prestigious Cannes Lion award for ad of the year in 2001.

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Borrowers are starting to use stock as collateral to secure loans. As the turmoil of the financial markets has taken its effect on wallets, more loan borrowers are turning away from margin loans and taking up alternative means of securing loans. Those unable to qualify for a more traditional loan are especially drawn to stock collateral. Most banks that offer loans backed by stock do not require a check on a credit score or require qualifications typical of more traditional loans. All anyone needs to qualify for these loans is some shares to give to secure a loan for whatever needs they might have.


The trend in increased interest in stock collateral was first noticed by lending firm Equities First Holdings. Al Christy Jr., the founder and chief executive officer of Equity First Holdings, has noticed this trend and made Equities First central focus stock backed loans. Both borrowers and lenders benefit from this setup. Stock collateral allows EFH to give loans at a lower interest rate than most of its competitors allowing for interest rates around 4%. S


 Equities First Holdings is a global leader in shareholder financing. With its innovative approach to the lending process Equities First is providing those in need with new ways of reaching their goals. Since 2002 the lending firm has offered loans to those with stock collateral, but the recent issues experienced with other categories of loans has made stock collateral much more attractive in recent times. As other lenders follow suit, the pioneering ways of Equities First will help shift the paradigm of the lending industry into a completely different direction.


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