Filmmaker J.P. Gagnon has a dream to help the people of the world become as happy and successful as possible for the future, and is looking to use his skills in the entertainment industry a reality. Gagnon recently began work on a trilogy of movies that will become the “Lovaganza Convoy” of movies touring the world as part of a traveling show that will culminate in a global event unmatched in human history. The noble aims of the Lovaganza Foundation are designed to bring peace and a secure environment to young people and adults alike over the course of the 21st century.

The “Lovaganza Convoy” will begin with the first part of the trilogy “Follow Your Sunshine” that will begin the story of a disenchanted priest who believes he has found the secret to happiness in human life that brings him into contact with a traveling show. As with the majority of movies on there must be a source of conflict in the Lovaganza trilogy that will be found through the work of a dark organization determined to stop the former priest from bringing his message of love and happiness to the people of the world. See:

The message of love and happiness is one the Lovaganza Foundation is hoping to bring to the people of the world when the traveling show begins and tours the world with a large screen 3D experience unlike any that has previously been seen; the Immerscope experience will feature a wrap around 180 degree viewing experience that will provide both a communal and individual cinematic experience that will be loved by all. Lovaganza will continue to tour the globe until 2020 when the trilogy being filmed as one movie will arrive at a global event that will take place in eight locations around the world to promote peace and understanding through exhibits featuring the latest technology for an interactive experience that will be unforgettable.

Creating a high quality standard of life for young people is the number one goal the Lovaganza Foundation hopes to achieve by the middle of the 21st century; the standard of life the profits from the “Lovaganza Convoy” will be used to secure for children around the world will then be passed on to adults to create a global movement everybody can be proud to take part in.