Billy McFarland is an entrepreneur who is just 23 years old, and he is the founder of Magnises. Magnises is an exceptional social club with special events and special deals that can only be accessed by members through the use of clubs black card. The club unrolls a new lifestyle for youths who loves social life, parting and nightlife events.

McFarland established Magnises in 2013 August, and on March 2014 he aimed to launch an exclusive black card that is community tailored and also technology based that provides guidance, perks and cachet that supposedly would improve the lifestyle of its subscribed members and appeal to the millennial generation.

The Magnises black card is not a credit card since it is not connected to any financial institution, rather it transfers data from an existing card, and it can be linked with your bank or your credit cards for payment services.

There are a couple of benefits that comes along with just flashing out the Magnises black card. You get discounts in clubs, bars, and restaurants, having the Magnises black cards gives the members the privileges of reserve experiences like exceptional getaways and private concerts.

McFarland told Business Insider that Magnises is also seeking to build a complete platform that helps connect the youngsters and with the new business whether online or offline.

Various major clubs in New York City have signed to partner and do business with Magnises. Some of these clubs include spin Studio Cyc, Club Finale, catch and also La Esquina and Goldbar among others exceptional clubs. Registered members of Magnises also have chances of getting helicopters discounts during trips to the Hamptons and also the privilege to attend shows presented by Rick Ross and Ja Rule.

Magnises also comes with a mobile app tied to the membership; the app allows the user instantly pick access to great deals and also the planned events. According to Bloomberg, Billy McFarland and Magnises are taking the lives of members to a whole new level either socially or professionally.