Founded in 1979, Cotemar Company is a Mexican-based service company on It caters to the needs of the oil industry. Its services are related to the development of offshore oil fields in the Gulf of Mexico. The company uses specialized vessels to provide offshore oil rigs with basic and industrial necessities. Cotemar offers maintenance and overhauling services for the platforms and process centers in offshore facilities. It also provides provisions of work decks that are used for the construction of pre-manufactured equipment on and pre-determined storage areas. The more technical services Cotemar offers are semi-submersible platforms and diving equipment, which is used for surveying and working on process lines.

Cotemar Company also provides integral catering and accommodations. Offshore rigs need things like food, clean clothes, entertainment, and safety equipment. It provides offshore facilities with pre-prepared food, laundry and ironing machines, and cleaning supplies. The entertainment services offer include constructing cinemas, gymnasiums, basketball courts, and TV rooms. Companies like Cotemar make the day-to-day lives of men and women working on offshore facilities more bearable.

When Cotemar Company was founded, they only offered the bare minimal of necessities. Over its 37-year reign in the service industry, Cotemar has accumulated an invaluable amount of experience. Its headquarters, located in Monterrey, Mexico, often partners with companies in the United States and Europe. The company has perfected efficient solutions over its decades of providing full customer satisfaction. Cotemar is more than willing to share its vast knowledge with the companies it partners with but only to provide its clients with the best services. Some of its strategies are company secrets at

Even though Cotemar offers recreational services, its primary source of revenue is in construction and maintenance. Over its 37-year reign, it has amassed over 7,000 employees and generates nearly $600 million monthly. Cotemar primarily associates with its life-long client, Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX). PEMEX was Cotemar’s first client and has been a customer ever since. The history of Cotemar’s development can be traced through PEMEX. Cotemar also has made several advancements in technology. It currently has over 170 servers and more than 20 management software applications that run its network of IT services. Cotemar enjoys improving its services.