In a report by Rutgers, real estate is vastly transforming into an incredible business venture across the world. From commercial property to residential buildings, nothing better explains the feeling of having an experienced real estate developer than the Boraie Development by Omar Boraie. Being a visionary with over forty years’ experience in the real estate industry, Omar Boraie is a perfect definition of a passionate entrepreneur who executes diligence combines with talent to relive the dreams of a client. Omar’s success story is attributed to one of his many property development projects, the New Brunswick. The investment that is located at The Aspire will soon be the talk of New Jersey according to the Central New Jersey Moms. This city is set to accommodate high end deluxe residential homes for the people of New Jersey. Omar can be defined as a role model for most startups in the real estate industry. Finally, one of his dreams comes true in a project he has implemented for years.


Omar Boraie serves as the head of a property development firm, the Boraie Development. He admits that the New Brunswick Project had many disbelievers to the point of him feeling discouraged. He had the desire to change the lives of the New Jersey families when he visited the town years back. This was after a visit to Europe. Feeling dissatisfied by how the living condition was affected by low-quality housing, he envisioned a new era of modern housing. He gathered that a lot needed to be done in order to develop the area and provide healthy living conditions through a clean environment. Omar, therefore, initiated the property development project.


In November 2015, the Rutgers Cancer Institute honored Omar Boraie by starting a project in Genomic Science in Omar’s name. The mechanism of the project relied on allowing donors to pledge $ 1.5 million towards a project that would initiate groundbreaking research geared towards the revolutionary exploration of cancer treatment and therapies. While acknowledging the gesture of public recognition, Omar stated that he was delighted to be part of the project. He also added that he hoped the project would of help to researchers and cancer patients because it was important to find treatment for patients whose cancers were no longer responsive. Omar concluded by saying that just like he was convinced to offer assistance towards the project, he was hopeful that other families would be encouraged to contribute towards the project.

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