The technologies encompassed in the Internet of Things promise to radically transform the way in which people live their lives and businesses run their companies. With the advent of widely accessible big data techniques, things that were previously dumb will be made smart. Levels of optimization that were never before possible will become a reality for millions. This is predicted by many to be the greatest driver of improvement for the daily lives of people since the Industrial Revolution.Jason Hope is one of Arizona’s most famous internet entrepreneurs. After having founded Jawa, one of the country’s first premium mobile streaming companies, Hope went on to create a string of highly successful startups, proving his business abilities and his uncanny talent for delivering exactly what the market needs.

Recently, Jason Hope has taken to the internet to tout the many benefits of the coming technologies that are broadly referred to as the Internet of Things. Hope believes the Internet of Things will not just radically transform the daily existences of most American citizens, but that it will also usher in one of the golden eras for entrepreneurialism. Hope believes that the number of opportunities for enterprising individuals to create real value in the marketplace will soon be greater than at any time in recent history and perhaps in the whole of history.

Hope sees vast opportunities being created in areas such as self-driving cars, automated delivery systems and even the wiring of previously dumb devices, making them smart, self-aware and largely autonomous. Just one example of this that Hope gives is the vast efficiencies that will be possible through the use of centrally controlled, intelligent heating and cooling systems. Hope believes that such systems will be able to save homeowners up to 50 percent off their current heating and cooling costs. This may create dramatic savings for those who own homes, in one of the areas that people tend to spend the most money.Hope also sees real opportunities for creation of value, invention and entrepreneurship in the area of automation. Hope believes that, within the next 50 years, almost all current menial jobs will be completely automated.

Jason Hope life rotates around the State of Arizona, USA. Jason was born and brought up in Tempe City, Maricopa County. He did his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the Arizona State University. Since finishing his studies, Jason has involved himself in entrepreneurship, investments, and philanthropy across the state of Arizona. He currently resides in Scottsdale.

Jason, the Futurist

Guided by his passion for technology, Jason has undoubtedly earned his place among the technology gurus in and around Arizona. Consequently, he has taken advantage of his technological know-how to predict the future trends in the industry, something that has earned him the reputation as a futurist. Jason is currently one of the most sought after technology minds by entrepreneurs who wish to invest in technology in future.

The SENS Foundation

Going by his words, philanthropy has become a part of him. His attention was caught by the California-based SENS Foundation for their efforts and commitment in conducting an anti-aging research. The foundation aims at getting the right diagnosis for aging so that people will stop aging up quickly. Jason was impressed by this and in 2010; he pumped funds to the tune of $500 million to the foundation. He said that his contribution was mostly motivated by his desire to see people live a long and quality life. Commenting on the donation, CSO of SENS Foundation, Aubrey de Grey, said that it would go a long way in fighting arteriosclerosis.

The Internet Of Things

A new technological trend has been developed in the recent past where different electronic devices are now able to synchronize and even use the same network with each other, without necessarily being connected by a wire or a cable. This new technology is known as the Internet of Things. Jason is convinced that this new technology has the potential to modernize how businesses operate. He also feels that Internet of Things will be biggest technological innovation yet to be seen now and even in years to come.

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