Mr Marc A. Sparks is a serial entrepreneur born in Texas. He graduated high school in Austin, Texas in 1975. Mr Marc Sparks began his career after finishing high school. His experience has been filled with both incredible successes and horrible losses.

Throughout his career, Mr Marc Sparks has been the leader of dozens of startup companies. In his 34 years of professional experience, Mr Sparks has amassed a treasure trove of wisdom about entrepreneurialism.

When Mr Marc Sparks was only a fourteen-year-old boy, he had an average grade of C+. However, today he is a serial entrepreneur with several companies that he has established. Mr Marc Sparks talks about how he has undergone no formal training to do what he does, but he has always had an instinct and a passion for building companies and growing them as much as possible.

He believes that God has put him in the right circumstances to allow him to blossom. Timber Creek Capital, LP is his private equity firm that was built utilising methods that many thought useless and ineffective.

According to Mr Marc Sparks, there are two things that have been a constant help for the growth of the company. One of those things is the combination of short- term goals and growth plans fo follow for the next year or two. The other helpful thing is that he does not schedule meetings and conferences when issues need to be taken care of. The time wasted on planning a meeting could be used for directly resolving the problem.

Mr Marc Sparks is also the author of a book. They Can’t Eat You is the title of a book that was particularly challenging for him write. The book covers a large part of the misfortunes that Mr Marc Sparks has gone through in his 34 years of entrepreneurship.

He states that it is a lot easier to talk about the good things; it is easy to paint oneself as a person that has from rags to riches and have people envy him for that. It takes a lot more to admit and talk about the losses, the failed startups, and about what it was like to lose a company worth millions in just three months.

Outside of the business scene of entrepreneurship, Mr Marc Sparks spend a lot of his dedication to helping the homeless. The Samaritan Inn is a shelter located in in Texas. Mr Sparks has been an integral help at the shelter since the eighties.

Habitat for Humanity is another organization he has been involved with by building homes for those in need. Mr Sparks has also made a large donation to kids that need to escape poverty through the foundation called “Sparky’s Kids“.