InnovaCare Health Solutions, LLC is at the forefront in providing physician practices and Medicare plans. In addition, it is renowned for its affordable, sustainable, innovative and advanced solutions, which it extends to its customers. Its provider network is a popular plan that has served to suffice the interest of various people.

InnovaCare prides itself in its work with hospitals, employers, physicians and even patients to make the most of the services they offer. By offering the InnovaCare Medicare Advantage, this ensures that the health provider offers extensive benefits to its patients.

The company also operates the MMC Healthcare Inc and PMC Medicare Choice Inc. On the other hand, MMC Healthcare Inc has won two awards in particular the Dorland Case In Point Platinum Awards in 2012. MMC Healthcare has also been awarded official recognition for Quality Assurance by the National Committee. InnovaCare’s operations are extended even further in its involvement in the operation of Medical Service Organization, MSO of Puerto Rico Inc., which provides administrative services necessary for improving operations and consequently achieving financial success and top quality patient care.

Shinto’s History

Shinto career spans over 20 years in providing his expertise in clinical and operational healthcare. Prior to being part of InnovaCare, Rich Shinto worked at PMC Medicare Choice and MMM healthcare as the CEO. He has also served as COO and chief medical officer at Medical Pathways Management Company.

Penelope Kokkinide’s background

Similarly, Penelope Kokkinides has had a successful past career before he joined InnovaCare as the chief administrative officer. Before InnovaCare, Penelope Kokkinides served as the chief operating officer of Centerlight Health Systems. She has also had stints at Touchstone-Health HMO, Inc and Aveta, Inc. Visit for more info on Penelope Kokkinides.

According to Ideamensch interview involving Penelope Kokkinides, each day brings about new challenges to Penelope’s life, but she always finds ways of quelling his struggles. His day mostly includes travelling and using his Smartphone to keep tabs of what is happening at InnovaCare.

Penelope’s nugget of wisdom to entrepreneurs is to take time to analyse and understand how the market works before making a move. She strongly believes that this is the best way to always be prepared for uncertainties and challenges that may come along the way. Read more about Penelope on

Doe Deere is the flamboyant CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics Company. The pastel haired founder was born in Russia. However, she moved to New York at an early age. During those formative years, Deere developed her very unique philosophy about life, success, and makeup. Certainly, her unique view of life, paved the way for her ultimate success. The cosmetic company founder believes that makeup should not be a tool to cover up imperfections. Instead, makeup should be a tool to show one’s creativity and is a form of freedom and self-expression. Here is more on Doe Deere.


Lime Crime Beginning

Fans would probably like to know more about Doe Deere’s road to success. Deere was always a fan of vibrant colors. In 2008, Deere launched her own cosmetic company that featured those bold and innovative colors that other cosmetic companies seemed to ignore. Another interesting fact is that the company was named after her favorite color. Lime Crime was a dream come true for Doe Deere. Now, she was able to create the vividly colored eye shadows, nail polish, and lipsticks she loved.


Avid Supporter Of Women Entrepreneurs

Doe Deere is a woman entrepreneur that managed to achieve success on her own terms. Her story is a true success story that should inspire young women, entrepreneurs to strive to achieve their goals. Certainly, Deere started out in a very small way. She was one of the first to start a digitally based cosmetic company primarily online. Doe Deere is proud of the fact that she achieved success on her own terms. Today, she is a big supporter of women entrepreneurs. In fact, Doe Deere speaks frequently at events like PHAMExpo and Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour. She also enjoys mentoring women entrepreneurs.



Doe Deere related in an interview that she always waits for inspiration before creating a product for her makeup company. However, the inspiration might take several weeks or even several months. Once she gets an idea, she goes to work. Deere relates that she likes to get actively involved in all new product concepts. In fact, she tests the new product lines personally, before releasing them to her customers. She relates that this is the only way to make sure that it really fits the Lime Crime line.


Doe Deere

Doe Deere is the well-known CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetic Company. The successful business woman is on a mission to revolutionize the way that the average person regards makeup. Her message has reached millions of fans through social media sites online.

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Her company has grown to reach an international fan base with a team that helps assist in manufacturing and distributing products. Creativity is in her blood along with drive and hard work. Entrepreneurship has always been a part of who she is. When Doe was thirteen she sold temporary tattoos to classmates back in Russia. She started out as a musician and appreciates and does not take for granite anyone that supports what she does. Anyone that connects with her can see that she has no ordinary taste when it come to style. Her vibrant look and colorful trendy hair helps identify with her creative line. With this line, she hopes to bring out the inner and outer beauty in people. She hopes that when people wear her cosmetics that they will feel self confident and happy about who they are. Not only has Doe changed the way people view makeup but has become a pioneer in the cosmetic industry. Speaking to audiences about her experiences as an entrepreneur, she has become someone that people can relate and look up to.


Part of her success comes from not only her level of creativity but from her knowing who her target market is. Doe states that if she could do one thing over, she would have launched the company earlier. Reinventing her line without changing her original intent is also another reason she remains so successful. Many have launched new lines of cosmetics and have failed but her ability to increase her fan base just proves that she offers a great brand. She works alongside her chemist to make certain that clients are getting quality products and services.

Even after going through a security breach in 2014 when the companies website was hacked, the company still managed to thrive. Stealing personal client information, cyber-thieves put the companies strength to the test. Doe took this hit hard feeling that she was part responsible for what happened to the security of client’s information. Gaining and restoring the trust of her customer database though challenging for her and her team was a top priority. The team worked tirelessly to inform customers by setting up a call center. The center dealt with any of the questions or concerns of clients. A team of security through an online system was added to the team plus a partnership with Trustwave and Norton to make online experiences safe, secure, and dependable. Lime Crime founded by CEO Doe Deere is a successful cosmetic company that can be trusted.

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When Malini Saba was interviewed by The Story Exchange, she said that her greatest role model now and when growing up was Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa believed in herself and changed the lives on many people for the better. According to Malini Saba, the best way to succeed in business is avoiding mixing personal life and business. She further says that your personal situations should not affect your business life. While trying to establish herself many years ago, Malini Saba received opposition from all corners. Because of persistence and belief in herself, she is currently the Chairman of Saban, a company with diversified investments worldwide.


During her career as a business woman, the greatest challenge that Saba has faced is the governments of the developing nations especially on matters of change. She advises people facing such difficulties to stand their grounds and not to fall prey to corruption. On the other hand, the greatest success in Malini Saba’s life is her daughter. She takes her to school and cooks for her. Malini recognizes that we should learn from past events and experiences. People often waste their time thinking that success comes from material wealth which on the other hand is contrary to the belief.


Other than been a business lady, Malini is well known for her donations and acts of philanthropy. She is behind Stree: Global Investments in Women. This is an organization that specifically focuses on helping the less fortunate people in the society, especially women and children. Saba believes that the women and children are the future leaders and should be treated with care. They should be afforded the best Medicare, education and safe living place to ensure they see tomorrow.


About Malini Saba

Malini was born by Sri Lankan parents but lived in Malaysia before relocating to Australia. At the age of 19, she moved to the United States of America with just $ 200. Over the years, she managed to make investments in various industries such as telecommunication industries in Silicon Valley. She has shares in PayPal and Sycamore Networks. She also owns large tracts of rice and palm oil plantations in Southern Asia. During the 204 Tsunami, Saba offered a donation of $ 10 million to victims in India and Sri Lanka.