Lime Crime CEO, Doe Deere

Her company has grown to reach an international fan base with a team that helps assist in manufacturing and distributing products. Creativity is in her blood along with drive and hard work. Entrepreneurship has always been a part of who she is. When Doe was thirteen she sold temporary tattoos to classmates back in Russia. She started out as a musician and appreciates and does not take for granite anyone that supports what she does. Anyone that connects with her can see that she has no ordinary taste when it come to style. Her vibrant look and colorful trendy hair helps identify with her creative line. With this line, she hopes to bring out the inner and outer beauty in people. She hopes that when people wear her cosmetics that they will feel self confident and happy about who they are. Not only has Doe changed the way people view makeup but has become a pioneer in the cosmetic industry. Speaking to audiences about her experiences as an entrepreneur, she has become someone that people can relate and look up to.


Part of her success comes from not only her level of creativity but from her knowing who her target market is. Doe states that if she could do one thing over, she would have launched the company earlier. Reinventing her line without changing her original intent is also another reason she remains so successful. Many have launched new lines of cosmetics and have failed but her ability to increase her fan base just proves that she offers a great brand. She works alongside her chemist to make certain that clients are getting quality products and services.

Even after going through a security breach in 2014 when the companies website was hacked, the company still managed to thrive. Stealing personal client information, cyber-thieves put the companies strength to the test. Doe took this hit hard feeling that she was part responsible for what happened to the security of client’s information. Gaining and restoring the trust of her customer database though challenging for her and her team was a top priority. The team worked tirelessly to inform customers by setting up a call center. The center dealt with any of the questions or concerns of clients. A team of security through an online system was added to the team plus a partnership with Trustwave and Norton to make online experiences safe, secure, and dependable. Lime Crime founded by CEO Doe Deere is a successful cosmetic company that can be trusted.

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