New and Experienced Customers Welcome

U.S. Money Reserve has announced a new updated website. The new site can be found at The redesign features new photos, a friendly experience, intuitive functionality, as well as detailed product information. The U.S. Money Reserve is a leader in the sales of precious metals. This site also reflects the reserve’s value of customer service. Philip N Diehl is the current President of U.S. Money Reserve, and a photo of him is also included in the new site. The purpose of the new site is to both educate people on the benefits of owning precious metals and to enhance this experience.


Ryan Buchanan is the VP of Brand and Creative. He was a large part of the redesign. He was quoted as saying, ” We now have a fully-responsive tool that allows us to generate quality content across all platforms, further interact with our clients, and of course, offer the world’s best precious metals products through our secure online storefront.” This statement further shows that Ryan’s goals were to both educate and make buying precious medals easier for consumers.


As part of educating consumers, the new site offers customers a free gold information kit. They can also go to the Knowledge Center to get more information on precious metals, terms associated with coin minting, grading, and purchasing. The site also includes The Full Headline Room, which allows easy access to the latest updates on the precious metals market. The Client-Connect Advantage also allows U.S. Money Reserve to contact customers for one-on-one consultations. That is a huge advantage for clients wanting to make the most out of their knowledge.


U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001. Customer service is very important to U.S. Money Reserve. They go above and beyond to provide an excellent level of customer satisfaction. This new site is a good example of this. The site now allows access to more customers. The intuitive lay out provides increased potential to learn about investing in precious metals. This allows customers with experience to enjoy the site. It also allows new customers the best information possible to assist them while learning about precious metals.

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