The Remarkable Exploits Of Rick Smith In The Correctional Industry

Being at the helm of a prominent firm for close to a decade is no mean feat. However, Rick Smith has made this remarkable achievement by being the CEO of Securus Technologies, a leading provider of inmate telecommunication infrastructure for over nine years. His success at the company is ascribed to a rich, in-depth knowledge of the communications industry that he possesses.

Rick is an alumnus of the State University of New York, Buffalo, from where he attained an undergraduate degree in Engineering. He later pursued a Master’s in Engineering from the same institution. Another noteworthy accomplishment in Smith’s outstanding academic portfolio is an MBA from the University of Rochester.

Rick Smith boats of adept knowledge of the tech-oriented telecommunications sector, having worked for several leading corporate institutions concerned with the industry. He was the chief executive at Eschelon Telecom hitherto joining Securus Technologies. Under his stewardship, Eschelon had unprecedented success, which improved the company’s fortunes by vast proportions. Also, Rick superintended a very prosperous initial public offering, an initiative that brought in more funds for the firm. In addition to an array of outstanding corporate institutions, Rick is a respected trustee who sits on boards of various prestigious enterprises.

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Future of Incarceration Areas

Securus under the exemplary leadership of Rick Smith is an institution on a mission to alleviate the conditions in state penitentiaries. The company aims to provide convicts with the best possible experience so that they do not feel that the contemporary society neglects them. Among the proposed measures to be taken to achieve this objective include;

  • Cheaper call rates for jailbirds
  • Increasing the number of products available to prisoners and making the use of such easier
  • Allowing the use of tablets and smartphones in prisons
  • Sanctioning the availability of communication throughout, whether day or night
  • Improved health services and healthcare facilities and
  • Indiscrimination in job opportunities where prisoners are involved, among many others.

Speaking on the matter, Rick Smith said it was their duty to introduce the evolutions that have taken place in telecommunications sector over the last decade to prisons. He added that the implementation of technology will not only improve the state of lives of convicts but will also play a fundamental role in averting and solving crimes. Rick visualizes a future where once an inmate reports to a prison, they are issued with a device that will incorporate books, phone, a legal resource and much more in one package. This would ease their lives considerably, as everything they need, will be on their hands.

Smith further explained that once prisoners have their gadgets, they can access resources that can get them bailed out promptly. He concluded by saying that the devices are already in place, waiting for approval by relevant authorities to commence work. Follow Rick’s profile at