Tony Petrello – Nothing Got in His Way

What does it take to be a millionaire? What does it take to become a tycoon? What do I have to do now to be successful when I grow older? Everyone asks questions such as these at one time or another. The greatest advice I ever heard was said by Brian Tracy. Brian Tracy said, “If you want to be successful look at people who are already successful and then do what they do.” Keeping this principle in mind I would tell anyone, “If you want to be successful look at what Anthony Petrello did and then go and do the same.”


Anthony Petrello is a very educated man who had a promising career in Mathematics but he didn’t let that get in his way of achieving his dream of becoming a business man. Anthony was so brilliant in mathematics that he could write out archaic theorems on greasy napkins and coffee cups. He was a mentee of world renowned mathematician Serge Lang who said Tony would do ground breaking work in their field. However Tony did not want that for his life and more information click here.


He pursued his dream to becoming a business man by getting a justice degree from Harvard University. He would use that degree as a stepping stone to get a job at Baker and McKenzie, a well-known corporate law firm. From there he would go on to work at Nabors Industries where he would rise the through the ranks and become the President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board for the entire company. The synergy of these jobs nets him over $15 million a year in compensation. Try making that as a Math professor and Tony’s lacrosse camp.


Tony would then go on to sit on the Boards of several organizations. After a sizable donation, Petrello gained a seat on Director of Texas Children’s Hospital, Inc and also as Director of


All of these things happened to Tony because he was not afraid to go out there and achieve his dream. Was quitting school scary? Maybe. However, by following his dream he became all he wanted to be and learn more about Tony.


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